What we do

Subscription Box Fulfilment

We provide brands with bespoke fulfilment solutions for their subscription box services. Print and mail is our heritage so we’ve got you covered for any requirements in that domain too.

After the year that was 2020, subscription boxes are more popular and sought after than ever. Consumers love the convenience of repeat purchase items, or monthly treats delivered straight to the door.

If you’re a subscription box business in need of fulfilment services with a difference, Jigsaw Fulfilment might be just what you were looking for…

Subscription box fulfilment with a difference.

We offer bespoke fulfilment solutions for subscription box brands, but unlike other 3PL’s, we also have print and mail facilities in-house.

Would you like to include a personal message, a custom card detailing the contents of the box or a teaser card for future boxes? We can create a workflow to do just that.

Warehouse and Storage

Our warehouse fulfilment teams specialise in ecommerce order fulfilment for consumer brands.

By providing quick delivery times, pay-as-you-use pricing, real-time stock visibility, fast and affordable shipping and brilliant batch control we provide a leading client experience.

Kitting & Assembly

You want your customer to experience your product in all its glory. We’ll assemble your subscription boxes with TLC to ensure they’re exactly to your specification – our in-house quality control ensures every kit is produced to the same standard you’ve built your reputation on.

It’s the little extras that make your product stand out. If you require repacking, removal of manufacturer labelling or removing unnecessary wrapping or packaging as part of your kit assembly, we can accommodate those needs as part of the assembly process.

If you require custom packaging or labelling, we can also help with those. And, we have on-site printing facilities so can produce any leaflets or other printed inserts if required.

Easy reporting – you’re in control

You’ll have access to an easy-to-use dashboard, allowing you to produce comprehensive reports for your sales data across all your sales channels. View information clearly and simply within the system or export the data if you prefer to CSV with an easy to use custom export builder. You’ll have a clear view of monthly subscription box sales with access 24/7.

Ready to grow your subscription box business?

Jigsaw Fulfilment is the complete solution for subscription box fulfilment. From receiving your orders into our WMS, kitting, picking, packing, shipping and syncing your inventory in real time, we tick every box.