Warehouse Management 

We achieve 99.9% order picking accuracy by our barcode scanning system, which runs throughout or operation.

From booking in deliveries, to managing our warehouse inventory. Plus, it means our invoices are accurate 100% of the time!

Barcode Scanning System Features


Mobile Barcode Picking

Relax with the knowledge that our warehouse staff are picking items right the first time. With voice-assisted picking commands, product images & user-friendly errors, its virtually impossible to pick the wrong items!


Stock Transfers

Quickly move stock from location to location by 4 simple scanning steps for replenishment or putaway.


Inventory Adjustments

Adjust stock on-the-fly, directly in location. See a clear audit trail of all stock movements historically.


Inbound Putaway

Using our scanning App – stock can instantly be putaway straight to warehouse locations from Purchase Orders / ASNS – stock is updated in real time on the system & then automatically transmitted to any connected sales channels for inventory sync.


Mobile Label Printing

The WMS system app paired with a wearable printer allows our team to print courier labels ‘on the go’ whilst picking items which means there is no need to take the items back to a packing station to get the courier labels. This picking method lends itself well to the larger and heavier item, and we have seen substantial efficiency gains.

Mission & Vision

Batch Control

  • The system has the facility to scan or log serial & batch info at the pack stage automatically when despatching an order.
  • A serial is usually unique to every unit of stock, whereas a batch code can be shared accross multiple units of stock.
  • Ability to enable best before date tracking – stock will automatically get allocated on FEFO basis (first expiring / first out)
  • If you have a mixture of stock in the same location with expiry dates and no expiry dates – the system will pick on a FIFO basis i.e. the date in which the product was first booked into the location.

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