We’re proud to be members of the UKWA

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UKWA members

Jigsaw Fulfilment are proud to be a member of the UK Warehouse Association.

UKWA is Britain’s leading trade organisation for the logistics sector; we join another 700 members of the UKWA (United Kingdom Warehousing Association).

Through our membership, they support us to operate safely, ethically and profitably.

Being a member of the UKWA reinforces’ our commitment to the industry and demonstrates our focus on the companies’ core ethos of process improvement, people and system development.

The UKWA membership helps guide us in change management and access industry-leading reports to provide insight and thought-provoking new practices.

We are always innovating and making improvements to allow ourselves and our clients to grow and become more efficient.

Jigsaw Fulfilment has a voice in the industry through UKWA on all things logistics including, but not limited to:

• Ongoing discussion with government departments & agencies, the European Commission and Parliament on all matters 3PL.
• The promotion of warehousing and wider logistic’s industry
• Raising the standard of the industry through training and best practice.

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