What is Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM)?

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Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant – here’s what you need to know…


FBA can be seen as a hassle-free approach to fulfilment, but it can become expensive.

Fulfilling by Amazon means they hold your stock and handle every aspect of the order fulfilment process for you.

Unfortunately, you lose that product control, a factor that must be considered. FBA has become less effective in recent times.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began, many Amazon sellers have been rethinking their eCommerce fulfilment strategy. However, if you are looking for a 3PL to offer a central control over multichannel integrations, Jigsaw Fulfilment’s WMS is it.

A channel advisor support expert can set up a new distribution centre within our system if you want to ship from multiple warehouses e.g. FBA.

However, in more recent times, FBA sellers have seen sales drop and significant delays in the replenishment and fulfilment of non-essential items due to the impact of COVID.

Many have also had Prime badges — and even listings — removed and been unable to get in touch with Amazon support due to the pandemic. Between multiple glitches due to Amazon’s algorithm and Amazon temporarily shutting down its merchant support phone number, many eCommerce brands have unsurprisingly looked for alternatives to FBA.

Many have flocked to Amazon FBM to ensure they can fulfil orders on Amazon.

With Amazon FBM, you previously lost Prime status. However, it is now possible to generate Amazon seller fulfilled prime labels directly through Jigsaw Fulfilment*.

Amazon Fulfilled by Merchant is a fulfilment method in which the Amazon seller or their 3PL responsible for fulfilling its products purchased on Amazon manage the distribution of orders. Jigsaw Fulfilment has a full API integration key into Amazon through our WMS system Mintsoft. This API will provide all your inventory to be sync-ed and gives your brand a 360 degree, 24/7 days a week view through a straightforward dashboard.

So, in brief, Fulfilled by Merchant (FBM), means your warehouse and ship your products (or a 3PL, such as Jigsaw Fulfilment does).

This strategy historically didn’t let you receive Prime Status, but this is no longer the case. Plus, using a fulfilment centre such as Jigsaw Fulfilment to manage your eCommerce distribution strategy means you now have full control over your brand messaging since you won’t be tied to Amazon’s packaging.

*T&C’s and extra charges may apply