What we do


Our order fulfilment service takes care of everything – from receiving stock from your manufacturers, to shipping products to your customers, to handling any returns. You and your customers can track the whole process in real time online.

Warehouse & Storage

Warehouse and Storage for fast-moving brands

Our fulfilment warehouses specialise in Ecommerce Order Fulfilment for consumer brands. We don’t offer the long-term warehousing and storage that a traditional logistics provider or distribution centre might. Instead, our agile processes mean we give you:


Pay-as-you-use pricing


Quick delivery times


Real-time stock visibility


Fast and affordable international shipping


Brilliant batch control

Picking and Packing

What is picking and packing in a warehouse?

Pick and pack is a critical step in the order fulfilment process. First, all items in a customer’s order are collected (picked) from their storage locations. Next, the items are put in appropriate packaging (packed), ready for shipping to the customer.

The speed, skill and accuracy of the process has a big impact on your customer experience. When orders arrive late, damaged or containing the wrong items, your customers are less likely to recommend or buy from you again. Jigsaw Fulfilment eliminates that risk.

eCommerce Delivery

Fast, reliable and affordable Ecommerce delivery

Fast, reliable and affordable eCommerce delivery. With more and more businesses selling online today, shipping can be a major differentiator for your brand. Advertising low-cost shipping and same-day dispatch on your website turns more visitors into buyers. And ensuring every order arrives on time and undamaged keeps them coming back for more.

It’s not always possible to do this when you ship orders yourself. That’s where Jigsaw Fulfilment Ecommerce shipping solutions can help. We store your inventory in our fulfilment warehouses, pick and pack orders as they come in, and dispatch them quickly to our courier network.

Returns Management

Make returns quick and easy for you and your customers

At Jigsaw Fulfilment, our returns management service creates this simple process. Your shoppers get a brilliant customer experience. You reduce the time and money spent on returns management and customer service – and get new insights into the reasons for returns.