What we do

Packaging Solutions

Our packaging solutions can be fully customised to reflect your brand and take your online experience directly into the home of your customers. Packaging is vital to the overall experience of your customers and brands now recognise the importance of ensuring all aspects are eco-friendly and sustainable.

Exceed expectations with custom packaging solutions

For customers, the ecommerce journey starts when they tap “buy now” and ends days later when the box is delivered to their home or business.

Most online shoppers are oblivious to the actual journey that package has undertaken from its country of origin to arriving in a consumer’s home.

The point of delivery is the point of the supply chain where your companies’ brand is showcased, so it’s vital the packaging used is an extension of your online store.

At Jigsaw Fulfilment, we offer unlimited packaging solutions so that your deliveries can exceed your customers’ expectations.

Environmentally friendly packaging solutions

The “unboxing” experience is so vital to the overall customer experience, and today one key focus is on sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions.

No one wants to wade through tons of foam popcorn or plastic void fill to find a single small item buried in the corner of a huge box.

At Jigsaw Fulfilment, we focus on simple packaging designs, all of which are either 100% recycled and/or recyclable.

As standard, we hold plain boxes, fully biodegradable starch-based compostable “plastic” mailer bags and an eco-friendly equivalent jiffy bag.

We do not use any plastic void fill onsite, and all standard tape is paper-based. Jigsaw Fulfilment, part of RNB Group, is an ISO14001 approved company, and we also work hard with the Woodland Trust and the Carbon Offset scheme to keep our emissions low

Packaging options for the full consumer journey

When considering your packaging solution, you need to think about the returns journey too – should your customer choose to send back your goods. Bags with resealable features, for instance, can be quickly reconstituted as return packaging.

Thoughtful foresight into packaging design helps companies minimise product damage, save on transportation costs and please their end users, making for a better customer journey all round.

We always go the extra mile at Jigsaw Fulfilment

We can also offer fully printed despatch notes, variable digital print, and personalised gift cards to enhance and personalise that unboxing experience. Plus, if you sell through various marketplaces, our dispatch notes can be variable by channel. Our focus is not just on the clients we work with, but your end-users.
When preparing any proposal, we will work with you on your packaging requirements. In addition to our full print facility in-house, we work with multiple packaging suppliers and can source branded boxes, mailer bags, tape and much more. Our printing heritage means you are in safe hands to secure the best solution at a reasonable price. Get in touch today, and one of our friendly team will get back in touch.